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Yilmaz Güney [1931–1984]

GÜNEY, YILMAZ [b. 1/4/1937, Yenice, Turkey d.9/9/1984, Paris, France]

Turkish film actor, writer, and director. His real name is Yilmaz Putun.

Born the son of a peasant in Siverek, a village near Adana, Yilmaz Güney earned his keep as a boy toting water, caring for horses, and selling simits (pretzels) and soda. He attended law school at Ankara University and returned to Adana, where he got a job with Dar Film. He began scriptwriting and acting in 1958, and moved to Istanbul, becoming a popular star by the mid-1960s. Güney directed his first film in 1966, and went on to become the preeminent filmmaker of the era, with more than a dozen more films. His 1970 film Hope, about the mystical adventures of a poor carriage driver from Adana, was a turning point in Turkish film, marking the beginning of an era of neorealism. His 1982 Yol (The road) shared the Palme d'Or award at Cannes with Costa-Gavras's Missing.

Güney wrote the script for Yol while serving a nineteen-year prison sentence for killing a judge in 1974, over a question of honor. The film was directed by Şerif Gören, but Güney escaped from prison in time to finish editing it in France. The film, about five prisoners on hometown leaves, has never been shown publicly in Turkey [1]. Since his death, numerous books have been written about him, and the scripts for all his important films have been published. His films, short stories, and novels reflect his own outspoken Marxism and his preference for outlawed figures on the fringes of society.

YOLDA RÜZGAR GERI GETIRIRSE (2005) -- [Subject of Film]
YILMAZ GÜNEY - HIS LIFE, HIS FILMS (1987) -- [Subject of Film]; On-screen Participant
Le MUR (1983) -- Director; Assistant Director; Screenplay
YOL (1982) -- Screenplay and dialogue; Editor; Dubbing director
DÜSMAN (1979) -- Script
SÜRÜ (1978) -- Script
ZAVALLILAR (1975) -- Director; Script
ENDISE (1974) -- Director; Script
ARKADAS (1974) -- Director; Script
AGIT (1972) -- Director; Script
IBRET (1971) -- Script
BABA (1971) -- Director; Script
UMUT (1970) -- Director; Script
SEYYIT HAN (1968) -- Director; Screenplay
AÇ KURTLAR (1967) -- Director

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Yilmaz Guney's Last Interview

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